NFTs are reshaping the marketing of community — Utilities driven by KryptoGO

Now many artists or KOLs are issuing NFTs one after another, and there is a sense that companies were issuing coins in 2017~2018(ICO). Regardless of whether there will be a bubble, I think this process will be a paradigm shift in social marketing and media. The blockchain is like the APP Store on mobile Internet. This platform will have more and more applications, bringing many paradigm shifts. opportunity to arise.

Unlike Web2, the intrinsic feature of Web3 is value transfer, so it is easy to think that issuing coins or issuing NFTs is misappropriating money. In fact, many people use information gaps to earn illicit wealth. But none of this changes the entire paradigm shift process.

NFT issuance is a consensus-building process

In the traditional Web2 community concept, participants may not necessarily become a community of interest with the community, but Web3 can, because they share the same NFT with the same consensus and concept, and when the community grows in the future, the value also grow together.

The interesting thing about NFTs compared to traditional tickets and membership cards is that each work will have more and more benefits due to the participation of the community. Because of the participation of the community, the works can have ever-changing extended activities and products, which in turn attracts more people to invest. In the metaverse, everyone can express their personal preferences, beliefs, and choices through their NFT collection, which determines their appearance in the metaverse.

The empowerment of NFT to traditional models lies in the creation of commemorative value, secondary market liquidity, and community consensus. We can clearly find the corresponding target customer groups through NFT projects or consolidate the community by issuing NFT projects.

NFT provides a different perspective on the basis of the existing online community, helping each individual in the metaverse to build a personalized experience with other friends through their own preferences and feelings.

How NFT utilities link online and offline together will be the key

This makes NFT artworks into highly versatile tickets or passes, and NFT holders can enjoy the right to participate in various activities. For example, only those who hold NFT can participate in this offline party, only those who hold NFT can enter the private chat room of Discord with specific identity conditions, and those who hold NFT have the qualification of empty investment, etc.

NFT utilities will be the key to differentiation

If NFT issuance becomes a must for every Web3 community in the future (just like the concept of opening a fan page in Web2), then how to link back to each of us’ physical lives will be very critical.

Through blockchain technology, every transaction and behavior in the metaverse will be recorded. These trajectories and processes largely represent each person’s style and personality in the virtual world. Representing the values ​​you believe in in the virtual world, the time to join the group, the amount you spend, and even building another unique brand on NFTs because of the owner’s behavior.

As there are more and more NFTs, NFTs will shape our second life in the metaverse, so how to preserve and verify ownership will be critical.
KryptoGO provides a complete Web3 governance solution. The New Year Fortune Bag NFT is a successful experiment. In less than a month, we have created 700% APP growth and cooperated with nearly 60 merchants & KOLs to provide hundreds of total value-breaking million items.

Chalicha Lucky Bag redeemed through KryptoGO at Chinese New Year

Project parties who plan to issue NFT / have not yet issued NFT, welcome to come to us for cooperation, we provide more empowerment for NFT and community governance, including KYABC, whitelist, NFT verification, offline exchange, reward airdrop, assets management, etc.

Welcome to contact us about your NFT utilities on Discord:



我是 KryptoGO 的創辦人,同時也是一位加密貨幣的投資者和愛好者。我非常熱愛加密金融科技,並一直關注著行業監管的最新發展。如果你對這個領域感興趣,或是對加密貨幣和區塊鏈有疑問,歡迎關注我!我們可以一起探討這個迅速發展的領域,了解更多有趣的資訊。更多關於我:。

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Kordan Ou

我是 KryptoGO 的創辦人,同時也是一位加密貨幣的投資者和愛好者。我非常熱愛加密金融科技,並一直關注著行業監管的最新發展。如果你對這個領域感興趣,或是對加密貨幣和區塊鏈有疑問,歡迎關注我!我們可以一起探討這個迅速發展的領域,了解更多有趣的資訊。更多關於我: